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Why Digital Citizenship (DC) ?

It is imperative for Malaysia to join the global movement to build DC among the young netizens. Digital Citizenship is the continuously developing norms of appropriate, responsible, and empowered technology use.

What is Cyber Ethics?

Cyber Ethics refers to the code of responsible behaviour on the Internet. It should be used as a guide for netizens to stay safe while practising positive, prudent, and ethical practises online.

Why Cyber Ethics?

The main goal of Cyber Ethics is to develop positive attitudes and traits among Internet users as a step to create a conducive cyber environment, towards building a safe and harmonious cyber ecosystem.

How? Through EtiKA Campaign

In relation to the 5th principle of Rukun Negara which is 'Politeness and Morality', is processed into 3 components of EtiKA: Etiquette, Knowledge, and Awareness.

" It should be used as a guide for netizens to stay safe, while practising positive, prudent, and ethical practises online.”

Cyber Ethics

Elevating the knowledge on cyber ethics in order to create awareness amongst netizens


Be respectful, and tolerant of others whilst taking responsibility for yourself by being empathetic when being online.


Recognize and understand comprehensive issues related to cyber threats and apply best practises to protect yourself while respecting the rights and privacy of other internet users.


Increase knowledge of cyber ethics will elevate the level of awareness and
self-regulation towards creating an ethical cyber community.

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