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The 5C / 5K Components of #FasihDigital (#DigitalFluency)


  1. CYBER AWARENESS (Kesedaran) - 1. Thorough understanding one’s digital footprint whilst online and securing their personal data and passwords  2. Respect for privacy, rights and shows empathy to other online users.
  2. COMMUNICATION (Komunikasi) - 1. Act with empathy on social media 2. Be respectful, and mindful of others in a globally connected world.
  3. CRITICAL THINKING (Pemikiran Kritis) - 1. Differentiate between real from fake news, analyze data on social media platforms 2. Conduct unbiased research.
  4. CREATIVE (Kreatif) - 1. Leverage on their technological devices to build, produce, and explore new ideas and work on the online platform.
  5. COLLABORATION (Kerjasama) - 1. Connected globally, advocating social causes 2. Uses technology for good to their social network.

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