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SID 2020: Malaysian Chapter


Why Digital Citizenship (DC) important?

It is imperative for Malaysia to join the global movement to build DC among the young netizens. This is achieved by focusing on Digital Fluency derived from the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Fluency?

Best defined as understanding technology and its use in which the better educated or “digitally fluent” internet users are, the more likely they are to make good decisions online and can influence other internet users in a positive way.

Why Digital Fluency?

The objective is to give internet users in Malaysia the opportunity to innovate, collaborate, communicate, create creativity and thinking critically online with a conducive and safe environment.

How? Through #FasihDigital campaign

The #FasihDigital (#digitalfluency) campaign is to enculturate digital fluency among internet users in Malaysia through the 5C / 5K components.
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