A national ICT discourse

The National ICT Security Discourse, known as NICTSeD, stands as Malaysia's pioneering national cyber security school discourse. Organized by CyberSecurity Malaysia in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MOE), this discourse competition has served as a valuable source of knowledge for students and educators since its establishment in 2013. Its primary objective is to promote innovative and analytical thinking, empowering participants to engage in dialogues on global and local internet and technological matters, identify strategies to address risks and challenges, and cultivate responsible and knowledgeable internet users.

Throughout the last decade, NICTSeD has been a highly anticipated event within the school community, attracting and educating students and educators through in-person interactions. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and subsequent movement restrictions had a significant impact on the event, disrupting the competition. Nevertheless, NICTSeD has persevered in delivering engaging and informative cyber security sessions successfully.

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